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Butterfly Effect

A sponsorship program for survivors seeking creative careers, providing training, resources and portfolio building through paid internships .

Some people say that the flap of a butterfly's wing can gain the momentum to turn into a hurricane, they call it: The Butterfly Effect. We met Nicole in Albuquerque, New Mexico through The Harbour, an initiative of The New Mexico Dream Center that works on the interception of kids and teens victims of trafficking. Nicole, who had been trafficked by a gang as a child, and had testified and led to the arrest of two of her traffickers, had stood in court, so other children wouldn't go through the violence and abuse she experienced. And not only she did, but she masterfully crafted her pain into powerful words in the form of a poem, which she recited in court to express all that had been.


When we first heard of Nicole, her story, and her creative talent, we knew she would be a big piece of leading the youth to powerful outcomes. After our crew interviewed her at The Harbour HQ, we decided to create a program, inspired by her, sponsoring survivors into creative careers. Nicole, who loves butterflies, also signifies freedom. The freedom that we were all born to experience, yet so many of us don't.


Nicole, our first officially sponsored creative, now works close with our team developing content to fight child trafficking through art and content that will be seen worldwide as a front piece of Project Uprise.

How to Help.

By purchasing or promoting any of our services and products you are helping Project Uprise sponsor move teens and young adults. In special, the Butterfly Effect Merch Collection kicks back royalties for our sponsored artists and creatives.  Our brand and marketing services will also soon be provided by our Butterfly Effect Creatives as they enter the market after completing the education provided by Uprise Academy.

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