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Merch Collabs

Our mission at Project Uprise is to help individuals build powerful business within our model to build a self-sustainable micro economy funding both our missions and our professionals, and education is at the core of our mission.

Our educator program was developed to not only partner with educators that are already at their peaks to share their education with at risk youth but also to help new and upcoming educators develop a growth and scalability plan within our platform. Offering marketing and distribution services as well as a robust royalty and commission affiliate model. 

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Grow Your Brand

Our collaborations come with everything done for you, strategic designs based on the specific combination of demographics so you can reach new people while still capitalizing on your current audience.  All work from design to distribution and shipping is done by us and our partners, and you will get royalties and affiliate commissions on all of your products.

To get started,  schedule a call with our team who can answer questions and get your brand account setup.  A full Uprise Collaborations Slide Deck will be automatically sent to your email containing all pricing, commissions offered, and royalty programs.

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Ambassador Program

Partnering with already established educators, influencers and brands increases our reach, brings new audiences and helps us all grow as a movement. We offer incredible benefits to our partners including marketing services, distribution, royalties and potential paid sponsorships and third-party brand collabs. And for our affiliates we also offer finder fees and other incentives so we are all working together to build a powerful movement and make a huge impact.

Requirements for Partnerships start at 100K Social Media Followers or a 10K Email List or similar reach. Educators, influencers, content creators and entrepreneurs  with established following are welcome to apply by requesting a call. A full collaborations slide deck will be emailed to you automatically.

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