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Elite Squad Program

Focused on providing training, education & resources for veterans focused on mental and physical health in collaboration with income generating programs around the mission against child trafficking.


How it started.

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The core mission of Project Uprise has 2 very distinct and powerful targets, end child trafficking in the United States and restore purpose in a broken society. 

Through the path of building our programs and the academy, strategize missions, develop business tactics, and above all, fight for what is right, each step of the way we recognized different demographics that we could target to create the most impact.

Someone that once has agreed to give their all for others, heroes that understand more than anyone what is true purpose, our soldiers, our protectors, our warriors, our veterans. They are without a doubt the most powerful demographic in our country. And faced the fact of how our disgustingly broken system has treated them after all they have given, we felt not only obligated, but honored, to develop a program made by veterans for veterans, building a community of warriors set on a new mission, a collaborative dream team ready to show the world that no matter what is the missions, our heroes will rise to the occasion and protect those in need as they have been fully heartedly ready to do.

Through our cost-free program  United States veterans and active soldiers have access to strategic educational programs focused on personal development, strategic thinking, income generation and ongoing missions and events to support the fight against child trafficking in the United States.

How to Help.

By promoting our program you can help us reach more veterans that can benefit from the program! Our Elite Squad Merch Collection also kicks back royalties to teens and young adults children of fallen soldiers and veterans pursuing creative careers through the Butterfly Effect Program.

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