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April Beach

April Beach is an award-winning business strategist, founder of The SweetLife™ Company, and rare to find lifelong entrepreneur who’s been teaching experts, coaches, consultants, and speakers to successfully scale with million dollar programs, and online offer ecosystems, for 27 years.

April helps experts extract their genius, design their frameworks, package their programs, and engineer custom online offers that scale for high profit, and deliver lifestyle control. Her guidance has led entrepreneurs in 17 countries to develop transformational online courses, coaching programs, masterminds, memberships, hybrid programs, certifications, and content licensing packages that lead the way. April is an award winning podcast host and her own courses have been licensed by companies in 13 countries, for over a decade.

How to Sell Your Course, Program, or Training To Corporations, Organizations, Agencies, Small Businesses, Schools, and other Entrepreneurs

Stephanie Dove Blake

  • ​An industry-leading ​advertising agency founder​, serving chiropractors

  • ​The business mentor ​Russell Brunson trusts ​with his own coaching clients

  • ​A geek-chic, tech-savvy mama with a passion for ​keeping kids safe online

  • ​Your biggest cheerleader

People are my passion and technology is my love language. After nearly a decade in online business, I know a thing or two about marketing, strategy, and growth.

But that’s not all.

I’m here to show visionary entrepreneurs like you how to grow a business that facilitates the life of positive impact you always dreamed of.

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Dinner Questions

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Joel Yi

Joel Yi is a high-ticket sales expert who trains virtual sales teams for businesses that sell high-ticket products & services.

Joel has generated over $40M in revenue for his last company and another $10M for other clients for a total of $50M combined! He helps coaches, consultants, experts, and high-ticket businesses between $300k and $5M build effective virtual scale teams through sales intelligence, systems, and playbooks.

Joel’s management expertise developed from over 7 years in the U.S. Army Reserve where he served as a Commissioned Officer and gained the leadership skills to succeed in the cutthroat world of high-performance sales. With Joel’s coaching, many sales professionals have delivered millions of dollars for their clients and earned multiple 6-figures while completely transforming businesses around the globe.

9 Proven Sales Farming Campaign Templates

Jessa Carter

Jessa Carter, The Peaceful Billionaire, is a Mind & Money Surgeon who transformed a rewarding yet exhausting 10-year career in Neurosurgery into a purpose-driven mission to bring the pinnacle of Neuroscience and Innovation into Wealth Creation to make financial freedom the norm. 

She works with impact-driven founders, coaches, consultants, and CEOs to revolutionize your financial life from the inside out with simple cutting-edge, science-based tools and strategies so that financial freedom and growing unprecedented levels of wealth are attainable without stress, overwhelm, or burnout.

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Carlotta Thompson

When Carlotta was 14, she remembers becoming enthralled with a booklet on preparing taxes.


She decided then that she wanted to work for the IRS, so at 14 years old, Carlotta began studying tax law with the dream of working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Shortly after attaining her dream of working for the IRS, Carlotta realized that the IRS isn’t actually in place to help small businesses like she’d thought and it felt like she was working for the wrong side. As an auditor, she saw tons of tax returns with sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars of missed deductions that were detrimental for the client. Carlotta had a bigger dream and mission to directly help business owners pay the least tax legally possible, so what began as a ministry has evolved into Tax Strategists of America!

Discover Insider Secrets to Acquire a Tax Incentivized business with little to no money down and Receive Tax Deductions in the first year!

Linda Wilson

In the last 10-plus years, Linda’s had open heart surgery three times, had to give up her profession that she thought completed her, and fell into depression. 


Over a five-year period, Linda lost her brother, her husband, her sister-in-law, her father-in-law, and her father. She’d become numb to the sledgehammer that had become her life. 


Linda has rebuilt her life and her business, and now helps others to find their purpose, passion and path, and create the lifestyle of their dreams. 


Linda is a coach, mentor, speaker, and an expert in emotional intelligence and emotional support. Her super-power is showing others they are loved, valued and appreciated.

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text the word HEART to 833-249-0343

And if you want to start your OWN Love Chain, the info to do that is on the screen.

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Carlotta Thompson

 I am a healer and teacher with a multicultural identity. I am a bridge between cultures, religions, western psychology, and eastern philosophy. I believe in work/life balance and fostering well-being.

I believe that everything is here to propel you to your next great adventure and that your mess is your message. I practice and teach from an integrated approach bridging western psychology with eastern philosophies so that you achieve a balanced, healthy, and happy personal and professional life.

Every entrepreneur deals with stress. The key to being successful is learning how to use the stress to one's advantage and for the growth of the company. Here are 5 steps to elevating your stress to success!

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