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$2,500 Education: Payment Plan

$2,500 Education: Payment Plan


**$1000 today and $750 a month for the next 2 months


How to create your own Summit (Online show) from A to Z with Ava Manuel (value $2,499)


Brand Workshop with Livia Fisher-Kane (value $2500)


How to get a Celebrity Endorsements to Guest speak on your show with Adora Evans (value $2500)


It’s more like a 5 day challenge (2 hours/day), that is going to have a collaboration of speakers contributing in their area of expertise. (value $997)



30 days free access to Premium NuCalm software only with access to all 6 channels of NuCalm - Rescue, Reboot, Recharge, Focus, Ignite, DEEP SLEEP


Legacy package: First 1000 people:


Shirt Name Placement


Hoodie Name Placement


Poster Name Placement


9 Product Mockups


9 Promo Graphics


1 Promo Video


2 Email Mentions


30 days of free access to KwikState Powered by NuCalm(revolution in learning featuring a collaboration between Jim Kwik and the patented neuroscience of NuCalm)


3 Live classes with Livia (value $147) Creative Unschooling, Brand Narrative, 


Adora’s Profitable Connection 2 Day event (value $997)

Are you a great connector but have no idea how to actually monetize that skill consistently? So many connectors have messaged me privately saying OMG that is me! I need to know how to do that! This workshop will show you how to take your skill of connecting and create mutually nourishing profit. 

This is a 2 day event and it’s virtual.

 Make money on demand. Once you get the system down, you can make $1k, $5k, $10k, $30k+. This is the exact same strategy I used to: 

Recognizing collaboration opportunities

Script for making an elegant ask

JV Basics

Special Offers